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Support Paws - Animal rescues and shelters usually run on a very low budget. Outside of metropolitan areas, most animal rescues and shelters have so little funds that providing the quality healthcare that their dogs and cats deserve is simply not an option. With rural animal rescues and shelters being forced to shut down due to lack of funding, leaving entire counties with no refuge for their homeless, neglected pet population, it is little wonder that the ones that fight to stay in operation cannot afford luxuries like blankets or toys to comfort their homeless cats and dogs. When a shelter or rescue can barely afford to provide food and basic healthcare to its homeless animals, we at Support Paws step in to help. Seeing these loving, homeless, and often abandoned dogs and cats huddled in their pens on the cold concrete floor inspired us to found Support Paws.

Support Paws is a fundraising organization that partners with perpetually underfunded and neglected animal rescues and shelters. We organize events and solicit donations to fund these struggling animal rescues and shelters and make the lives of the homeless cats and dogs in their care a little brighter and more comfortable.

As a 100% volunteer run organization, every penny of the funds donated to Support Paws goes directly to animal shelters and rescues in desperate need of support.

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Animal rescues and shelters in Alabama are often run on a donation dependent and drastically deficient budget. This problem is much worse in more rural areas where much of the population simply do not have the funds to donate to or support their local animal rescue or shelter, even though the need for these places is often greater. Our main objective at Support Paws is to support those who support animals. When an animal rescue or shelter is in need of basics such as food, blankets, toys, or healthcare funding Support Paws is there to help. We are experienced fundraisers and are dedicated to using these skills to support the homeless, abandoned, and neglected, cats and dogs in animal shelters and rescues throughout Alabama.

Support Homeless Dogs and Cats

Support Paws Educate


At Support Paws, we believe that the most effective approach to curbing the overpopulation of dogs and cats and the untrue perception of some breeds is education. There is no such thing as a bad or vicious pet, only bad people who abuse these pets for their own amusement or gain. Rottweilers used to be known as nanny dogs. You could leave your newborn with your dog and know that nothing would happen when your Rottweiler was on duty. How did the “nanny dog” get such a bad reputation? In many northern states, you must have a Breeder’s License to have a pet that is not spayed or neutered, which greatly controls the homeless pet population. Educating people in Alabama, and throughout the South, on issues such as these has the ability to effect local laws and, in turn, the pet overpopulation and breed misconception problems.

In the meantime, most local animal shelters and rescues are in desperate need of foster homes for pets in need of a quiet place to recover from healthcare treatments, have puppies or kittens, or simply retreat from the very stressful shelter environment. Making this temporary commitment of opening your home, can help a loving, homeless pet feel comfortable and show their personality, making them much more likely to find a forever home. At Support Paws, we strive to use education to improve the lives of homeless, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats in animal shelters and rescues around the South.

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Sometimes unexpected things happen and loving families can be left in a situation where they cannot afford to provide the necessities to their beloved animal family member. At Support Paws, we believe that the best possible outcome in this sad situation is for the beloved pet to be able to stay with their family as separation can be traumatizing for the dog or cat and family alike. Because of this, when funds are available, we provide temporary assistance to families in need in an effort to keep pets in loving homes. Your donation can not only help homeless dogs and cats but keep another animal from becoming homeless. Your donation could keep a family together.

As funds and donations allow, we also help with the cost of heartworm treatment and the spaying or neutering of animals already in loving homes. The pet population already exceeds the amount of willing, loving homes available, so spaying or neutering your pet is the most important thing you can do as an animal lover. Because of the importance of this cause, when possible, we are happy to assist in arranging and funding the spay or neuter of an already homed cat or dog. We will also assist in TNR (trap, neuter and release) for feral cat that were never socialized and would do best outdoors to help take care of rodent and snake populations.

Your donation could keep a family together

About Support Paws Alabama

Support Paws was started by Shannon and Michael to offer support to rescues and shelters that are caring for sick, injured, abused, pregnant, neglected, unwanted and/or displaced animals.

We began fostering for Shelby County Humane Society in Columbiana, Alabama in 2014 and have enjoyed every animal that we have come in contact with and want to take that extra step to reach more people in an effort to slow down pet overpopulation, encourage people to foster and simply make the pet that has been surrendered more comfortable while staying in a rescue/shelter environment. We do understand, though, that there are cases where abused animals need to be placed in a shelter or rescue for their own safety and in those cases we would rather have the pet in a shelter rather than dropped off on the street or chained and left out in the elements.

Support Paws is a 501 C(3) non-profit, no kill, all-volunteer group of animal lovers who have observed a great need in our community to assist rescues, shelters, and fosters to provide medical care, comfort and love for the unwanted, homeless, neglected and abused animals. We give temporary help to humans who are in need of pet supplies and food for their four legged family members so that they do not have to permanently lose a companion over a temporary situation. We offer support and on a limited basis can be a safe haven along the route to their final destination which is their fur-ever home.

We Need:

Pet Supplies:

• Canned wet puppy or kitten food
• Canned wet dog food (solids)
• Small washable blankets
• Towels
• Dog/Cat toys
• Dog/Cat beds
• Dry powder puppy/kitten replacement milk
• Pee Pee Pads
• Water and food bowls for dogs/cats

Cleaning Supplies:

• OdoBan Citrus cleaner
• Blue Dawn detergent
• Broom & dustpan sets
• Mops
• Paper Towels

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Do you need Dog Food, Blankets, our anything else you can think of for your Pet / Shelter / or Rescue in Alabama? Do you want someone to come to your school or work to talk about how they can help? Do you want to volunteer at any location throughout the state? We are Here to Help you. Would you like to donate Food, Blankets, Collars, Towels, News Paper, or anything else. Just fill out the contact form or email us and we will be happy to help in any way possible.

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